Immerse into a timeless experience that is Cambridge. Luxury looks for elegant homes evoking beauty and reliability that aims to last a lifetime. Built to love and be loved by generations of homeowners, Cambridge is more than just products, it's a lifestyle.

The Cambridge Story

Cambridge Cabinetry was born from the desire to combat the stigmatism of RTA (Ready-To-Assemble) cabinets by producing luxuriously designed, intelligently crafted products that would ultimately favor the end users, the homeowners. In the beginning, many RTA cabinets had flooded the markets with cheap quality builds and materials in order to please poorly seen by the people due to its initial introduction as the quick, easy alternative being flooded with "cost effective" versions when in reality their cheap build material and quality that favored the bottom-line cost when the simple matter of fact is that RTA simply means pre-assembled packaged cabinet parts. Today, advancements in market and technology have allowed RTA cabinets to evolve into one of the most desireable types of kitchen and bath cabinets available due to convenience and ease homeowners experience when purchasing.